YaYa Shang

UX Designer ♡ San Francisco

Plastic Logic Tablet

This was a greyscale e-ink tablet device with a durable and long-lasting display.

My role, as an interaction designer at Plastic Logic, was to promote user centered design and help establish design standards and best practices for the company. I created interactions flows, wireframes, and prototypes for different apps within this device: dictionary, reader, web browser, and device filing system. I helped plan usability tests, analyzed findings, and promoted insights to shape the user interface.

I also was the primary producer of all visual assets. This was surprisingly challenging because even though it's a black and white device, the white in e-ink is not a true white. I could only work within a limited greyscale palette to create icons and mockups. I learned this soon after the first round of designs, when everything looked amazing on my computer screen, but looked terrible on the tablet. We had to go through several iterations of design to best highlight interactive elements without muddying the overall design.

The Executive

Our target audience were executives.

A key feature for the executive users was the ability to quickly scan documents they needed before a meeting. We learned that many executives would have their assistants send them the required documents hours before a meeting - we decided the Recent view would be the most appropriate because those are the documents that needed the most attention when they used this device. For students, we designed the homepage to contain folders with their school subjects.

The Student

We launched pilot programs in secondary education systems in Russia - the devices were pre-loaded with all required textbooks for the students. They also requested a dictionary app.

This is an example of a flow diagram I created to make sure I covered all the potential user paths that is required when switching between multiple languages.

The Web Companion

We created a web service for students and teachers to select textbooks, create a bundle, and download them on to the device.


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