YaYa Shang

UX Designer ♡ San Francisco


Erodr is a location and time based social app.

I was brought on as the 4th member of the team and the only designer. I worked on this project over a year, from 2012 to 2014.

I provided end-to-end design support. I collaborated on ideation, and provided detailed wireframes and user flows to describe features that would be interesting to our target audience: college students. After having the team all agree on the objectives and features of the app, I created the branding, and visual design.

As a small team and a precise target group, we were able to design and build quickly that reflected the feedback we received from our users. This was amazing to see because we were able to get immediate reactions on new and experimental features.

Design Evolutions

Row 1 - streamer v1 to v7, adding more interactions
Row 2 - streamer v20, full functionality incorporated (showing streamer view, map view, post view)
Row 3 - showing connections, my profile, and streamer settings
Row 4 - streamer redesign update for iOS 7

For the icon and logo designs:

Row 1 - tips from erodr staff, anonymous female & male posters (feature)
Row 2 - selected main (bottom) nav icons - v1 app
Row 3 - unselected main navs

Logo design:

Row 1 - icon creation, app icons submissions for App Store
Row 2 - written name, typography selection


iTunes - 2014 release

Android Play - 2014 release

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