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Buy a Toyota

This was a complete redesign of the 2nd tier regional dealership website for Toyota. I worked on this project for a year in 2013.

I was part of the pitch team that won the bid. I then led the UX effort in the creation of a responsive website and CMS, responsible for all major deliverables and presenting them to the client. I worked alongside visual designers, Creative Directior, front-end and back-end engineers, business strategy, and project management.

Deliverables included: user journeys, features & functionality matrix, site maps, and wireframes.

Two Major Builds

(1) consumer facing website - where car buyers (or potential buyers) are searching for deals in their region and a

(2) CMS to allow uniformity to promote Toyota brand offers, but also customizability for regional dealerships to advertise regional offer.

The Challenge

The car purchasing experience is a very important step in a person's life; it is the 2nd largest purchase (outside of a home purchase) that an individual will make. Yet, it is also one of the most stressful and disliked shopping experiences. People find going into dealerships to be very stressful, because they feel pressure from the sales staff to quickly make a purchase and they are afraid of getting a bad deal. This fear and anxiety comes from a lack of transparency in the car purchasing business.

This also translates to online experiences for car offers and deals. The focus for dealerships is the "Request a quote" form submission - as their way to gather leads on potential buyers. However, most buyers in the"research" phase are not ready to contacted, but have no other way to get information. The Request a quote lead is often to people who are not ready to buy yet.

The challenge to this project was to provide useful information to buyers, so they were confident to reach out and go in to their local dealerships, but also to provide the useful online tools that will collect relevant information on buyers that become solid leads for dealers.

The Result

I think we overcame the challenge by showing buyers all the steps in the purchasing process and providing helpful tools such as: easy and accurate inventory searches, cost calculators, and personalized offers (from information provided by user).

Check out the site: buyatoyota.com

Site Map & Wireframes



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