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Nature's Way

This is a responsive website creation for Nature's Way - an herbal and natural supplement company. This project was 10 months long in 2012 to 2013.

I was the UX lead in this project. This project was the client's first time exploring digital representation for the company. I walked them through the UX design process and the expected deliverables. I worked together with a team of visual designers, business strategy, and project management.

My responsibilities included:

• held workshops and interviews to understand content and legal requirements
• conducted content audit and inventory, gap analysis
• created user profiles and journeys
• evaluate competitor websites and tools
• helped hire and manage contract ux designers
• delivered desktop and mobile wireframes to client

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Discovery & Insights

During the discovery phase of this project, I interviewed many of Nature's Way customers to understand their purchase journey. Listening to their stories, I was able to pull out insights into building 3 different customer personas, understand their research and purchase process, and why they chose this brand.

From there, I created customer journeys and worked with strategy to produce the consumer profile to document customer pain points and behaviors.

I conducted a content analysis of the company's product profiles and worked with their holistic experts to generate a product breakdown list of categories that can be used to find specific items.

I conducted a competitive analysis to understand the usability standards in the marketplace.

Wireframes & Design Decisions

The two most common ways to discover a product is through a health interest or concern (e.g. weight management) and through product types (e.g. vitamins). The hero of the page was to provide relevent content based on the time of the year, promotions, new products, etc.

As customers drill down to individual product information, the key action is to drive customers to physical stores or e-retailers.

For this project, I hired UX contract designers to help produce deliverables. I oversaw the UX production work by providing them site maps, sketches, and key pages.

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