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Motion App

This is a companion application to showcase the visual and emotional appeal of having enhanced photography on the Dell Venue 8 tablet.

This was an Intel project I worked on in 2014. As the UX Designer, I:

• defined interactions and features for the application
• worked closely with the visual designer on style and animations
• delivered wireframes to the development team
• collaborated with market research team, selected sample of users for qualititative user testing

This application was later incorporated as a feature within the ArcSoft Depthcam app.

Challenges & Results

Working with computer vision engineers, we wanted to see how far we can pull the pixels away from its original coordinate. Surprisingly, we could move it quite far without distorting the photo too much. We set the limitations of the motion to the max distance (before distortion) and realized that as a photo in motion, it has a very different effect than a still photo. The extreme motions was jarring to viewers.

Working with visual designers, we then tested a group of sample photos (various subjects at various depth, landscapes vs portraits, close ups and distances, etc) to get an idea how much the photo should move and how fast before it's too much. The challenge here is that the same motion did not work with all photos. Not only that, but different motions on the same photo elicited different emotional responses.

We created a tool that allowed users to draw the path of motion they felt was the most comfortable for viewing. In creating this testing tool, we realized that people liked having this as a feature - so we included it in the final design. Even though it was a novalty feature, it helped users understand the limitations for motion in a photograph. And people thought it was really funny to take a closeup of a person's head and have it bounce around in the photo.

Ultimately, we found 3 motions with easing animations and a default pacing to work for most images: an elipitical motion, up/down, and side/side. Speed strongly correlates to the emotional response, so we set a moderate speed that users can control to either increase or decrease based on their preferences.

Demo of motion effects (may not work on Safari, try Chrome).

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